MYBusiness Program

Immersed in the Industry

In the Business in the Wine Industry Program, students are presented with concepts in production, management, import, export and marketing procedures in the Italian wine industry. Our faculty bring students on-site with experts in wine production and marketing in Verona to discuss the challenges and benefits of competing in this industry on a global scale. This program also offers students the opportunity to complement their business studies with a broad spectrum of additional courses from our Italian Language and Culture Program, such as Italian Language, Art History, Photography, Italian Business, Digital Marketing, Tourism, Italian Diet and Wine, Sports, Educational Leadership and Gender studies.      

Business in the Wine Industry

Highlight Course

This course provides students an in-depth study of this global industry through a strategic combination of in-class collaboration, interaction with professionals who excel in the field and an interactive role at wine production and distribution businesses that promote wine in the world. 

Courses Offered

Fall, Spring and Summer

As a student enrolled in the required Business in the Wine Industry course in this program, you can also choose any of the additional courses listed below in our exciting and diverse course selection to enhance your academic schedule here at Idea Programs. Simply find your area of focus, pick the courses that interest you and click Course Overview to learn more!

Specialized Courses

International Business

45 hours (3 credits)

International Marketing

45 hours (3 credits)

Italian Business in the Global Economy

45 hours (3 credits)

Leading Women in Business

45 hours (3 credits)

General Education Courses

Elementary Italian

45 hours (3 credits)

Intermediate Italian

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Italian Art History

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Painting and Fresco

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Photography

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Urban Design

45 hours (3 credits)

Modern Italian History

45 hours (3 credits)

Survey of Italian Literature

45 hours (3 credits)

For more information on any of our courses, please contact our Faculty Adviser.

Internship in Business

For 3 credits (120 hours) or 6 credits (240 hours)

An education internship abroad provides students with new and distinct perspectives and the NIE offers future educators the opportunity to work directly with teachers in both elementary and middle schools in Verona. In the NIE, our interns not only assist teachers in real-time in a range of classroom settings, but they also take part in course analysis, career seminars and discussions on current and emerging teaching practices and learn to apply these to their own experiences.   

A Pedagogical Journey

Required Program Course

The IVSA internship in Business gives students the opportunity to assist experts in relevant fields in real time. Our faculty are dedicated to guiding our business interns in every aspect of their academic and professional growth as they work alongside producers, managers, marketing staff, full-time and seasonal employees and other interns in a variety of businesses in and around the city of Verona. From wine, olive oil, coffee and automobile producers to marketing, finance and trade specialists, we ensure that each intern is well-matched to the business environment that best fits her or his future professional needs. Our faculty offer support with inclusive discussions in which interns learn to analyze and communicate their experiences.

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