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Communication and Culture

In the Italian Language and Culture Program, students learn the fundamental components of the Italian language that are vital to interacting and communicating with the dynamic city culture that surrounds them. Our Italian language faculty enhance core grammar concepts with scenario-based learning practices to help students develop a "learn and lead" approach to using the language in context throughout the city. This program also offers courses that range from Art History, Painting, Photography and Literature to culture courses that give students an in-depth understanding of the way in which education, labor relations, gender relations, politics, media and business impact and influence the Italian society.     

Contemporary Teaching Methods

Highlight Course

This course provides a comparative study of teaching methodologies and practices used in Italy and the United States as applied to language acquisition and other various fields at the elementary and middle school level. Students focus on classroom dynamics, cultural diversity and inclusion, high and low-tech curriculum design and assessment models.

Courses Offered

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for Fall, Spring and Summer!

Specialized Courses

The Reggio Emilia Study

45 hours (3 credits)

Behavior Therapy in the Classroom

45 hours (3 credits)

Inclusion Approaches in Education

45 hours (3 credits)

General Education Courses

Elementary Italian

45 hours (3 credits)

Intermediate Italian

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Italian Art History

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Painting and Fresco

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Photography

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Urban Design

45 hours (3 credits)

Modern Italian History

45 hours (3 credits)

Survey of Italian Literature

45 hours (3 credits)

For more information on any of our courses, please contact our Faculty Adviser.

Internship in Education

For 3 credits (120 hours) or 6 credits (240 hours)

An education internship abroad provides students with new and distinct perspectives and the NIE offers future educators the opportunity to work directly with teachers in both elementary and middle schools in Verona. In the NIE, our interns not only assist teachers in real-time in a range of classroom settings, but they also take part in course analysis, career seminars and discussions on current and emerging teaching practices and learn to apply these to their own experiences.   

A Pedagogical Journey

Required Program Course

At IDEA Programs, our pedagogy faculty is dedicated to guiding our interns in every aspect of their academic and professional growth as they are immersed in the New Internship Experience program here in Verona. By offering interns the opportunity to work alongside language teachers in a number and variety of elementary and middle schools in our area, we are able to ensure that each intern is matched perfectly to the education environment that best fits her or his future professional needs. When our interns are not assisting in the classroom, our faulty offer an informative, inclusive discussion forum in which all interns are encouraged to analyze and share their individual experience with their peers.

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