Frequently Asked Educator Questions

How does Idea Programs

Academic credits earned on USAC programs will be reflected on transcripts and/or grade reports and may be dependent upon the program model and university of enrollment for the program. We have provided detailed information, however if you need further assistance, please email the USAC Enrollment Department.

2. How credible is Idea Programs?

3. Does Idea Programs provide student references?

Students from any US college or university may apply. For most USAC programs, students should be able to answer yes to the following:

  • You are at least 18 years old now.

  • You have at least a 2.5 college GPA on a 4.0 scale. (Some programs call for a higher GPA and certain class standing requirements. Check your chosen program for eligibility requirements.) *

  • You have college or university credits equal to at least one full semester or quarter.

  • You are in good academic and conduct standing at your current college or university.

  • You are in good community standing.

Frequently Asked Student Questions

1. Why is G.P.A. (Grade Point Average) not required to participate to our programs?

2. How can I earn academic credit?

3. Are the credits earned at Idea Programs accepted by my University?

4. Is medical insurance required?

5. Are students at Idea Programs from all over the world?

6. When should I arrive and depart?

7. How early should I register?

8. How do I register?

9. What should I expect when I register with Idea Program?

10. What kind of documents do I need to study in Italy?

11. Do I need to know the Italian language?

12. Are the credits earned at Idea Programs accepted by my University?

13. Can I take courses or apply for the internship at Idea Programs after I graduate?

14. Can I travel during the program?

Frequently Asked Parent Questions

Is Verona safe?

Yes. Verona is ranked as the second safest city in Italy and is a top ranked tourist destination in Northern Italy. Verona is a city also known to offer a wide range of fun yet safe daytime and nighttime activities and events that our students enjoy.


What is the best way to contact Idea Programs if students are interested in studying in Verona?

Parents and students can access the quick and easy Contact Us! box located at the bottom of the Idea Programs homepage and in the list of tabs across the top of the homepage with any questions and the Faculty Adviser will answer your questions within 24 hours.    

Can parents speak to someone directly with questions once students are enrolled prior to departure for Verona?

Yes. The Idea Programs semester program cost includes a twenty minute, online pre-departure meeting with our Faculty Adviser that is designed to provide parents and students with important pre-departure information and to answer any last minute questions or concerns as students prepare for departure for Verona.

Who picks up students at the airport?

Students in the residence option for housing are transported from the airport to the Idea Programs academic institute by members of our residence director staff. Students in the family stay option are greeted at the airport by their host family and are then transported to the host family residence and check in with a member of our residence staff. Students with group flights will be contacted by the Idea Programs resident director at least one month prior to arriving in Verona to organize a group airport pick up.  


Where do students study?

Students study at the Idea Programs academic institute, which is located within the tranquil, spacious internal campus of the prestigious Istituto Don Bosco, just steps away from the historic downtown of Verona. Classes are held in the same area as the administrative and faculty offices to ensure full student support.


Where do students eat?

Students in the family stay option are provided breakfast and dinner every day and are responsible for their lunch. Students in the residence option are responsible for all meals. Students in both the family stay and residence option can find affordable lunch options at the dining hall or at the first floor cafe at the Idea Programs institute or at the many local cafes, sandwich shops or restaurants in downtown Verona.


What kind of activities are organized for students?

Student activities include travel to other cities within Italy, outdoor activities such as rafting, horseback riding, biking and skiing, indoor activities such as museum tours, wine and food tasting tours and cultural events such as participation in local art, architecture and history expositions and city-organized festivals. Rest assured that all student activities are organized and monitored by our resident director team and a resident director accompanies students on all scheduled Idea Programs excursions.    

What if students want to plan a weekend trip on their own or with friends?

Verona is an ideal point of departure for students who plan to travel on their own or with friends outside of scheduled Idea Programs student activities. Verona has an easily accessible bus port and train station that can be reached by walking or by city bus and an airport that can be reached by city bus or by taxi for a reasonable fee. While Idea Programs is not responsible for students who plan personal, individual or group travel outside of scheduled student activities, our faculty and staff are always available to provide travel tips and advice and to help students plan safe, convenient travel routes.


Do students have a housing agreement?

Absolutely. Idea Programs students are responsible for creating a positive, healthy housing relationship with their host family or apartment roommates or housemates and for upholding a standard of respect and good decision-making while living as a student guest in our housing. Students can speak directly with our resident director team at any time regarding housing concerns that may arise and have the full support of our staff in resolving any issues that require our attention.

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