Survey of Italian Opera

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This course provides a comprehensive overview of the development and evolution of Italian opera and operatic music in historical context by focusing on the masters of Italian opera and comparing their style and technique to composers in Austria, France, Germany and England. 

Courses Offered

Summer Only

As a student enrolled in the required Survey of Italian Opera course in this program, you can also choose any of the additional courses listed below in one of the specialized areas of study. Simply find your area of focus, pick the courses that interest you and click Course Overview to learn more!

MYOpera Program

An Extraordinary Experience

My Opera Verona is an intensive music development program that gives students in the specialized areas of voice and opera, orchestra, conducting, instrument and musicology studies the extraordinary opportunity to study alongside, learn from and participate with music professionals associated with the world renowned Opera Verona. Our faculty strongly believe that the most profound way to impact the academic and creative lives of their students is to bring the classroom to the Arena in Verona for an unparalleled and unforgettable interaction with the opera singers, instrumentalists, conductors, scenery and costume designers and management team that render the Opera Verona such a unique, rewarding experience.

Voice and Performance

45 hours (3 credits)

Orchestral Conducting

45 hours (3 credits)

Orchestral Instruments

45 hours (3 credits)

Scenography and Costume Design

45 hours (3 credits)

General Education Courses

Elementary Italian

45 hours (3 credits)

Intermediate Italian

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Italian Art History

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Painting and Fresco

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Photography

45 hours (3 credits)

Introduction to Urban Design

45 hours (3 credits)

Modern Italian History

45 hours (3 credits)

Survey of Italian Literature

45 hours (3 credits)

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Specialized Courses

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